Do It Right Computers is a business that was built to help people. We are a group of licensed computer experts who take the time to make sure each aspect of our work meets the expectations of critics. We have fully equipped offices in California and Montana. This company is based in Santa Cruz County in northern California and provides services to celebrities, businesses, and regular people. We never had a day where we didn't love our work. 

Do It Right Computers is always trying to make itself more noticeable. Most of our services are free if you're a student because we want to help students succeed and we know others do too. You'll find that we deliver a great medium for servicing students swiftly, knowledgeable, and as a group. Students are the future of our civilization, helping them will not only help us but it will help our customers know that they are putting their money where it matters. 

Well, there's good news! Plus more good news! Our goal is to provide free computer advice... we are a technology business with the intent of refreshing the economy. You can review our FAQ to see information about common computer problems. You can also call us anytime or write us an email for free advice. We gladly help you solve problems on your own, before charging you to solve the problems ourselves. With the help of our team, you can take your technology goals and achievements to the next level. 

There is nothing out there quite like our paid services here at Do It Right Computers because our group has the experience and knowledge. We sell the most valuable thing we have... our time. Not only by serving you personally, but also by staying up to date with best practices for technology. With new technology developing quickly, the user needs becoming more demanding, the W3C and IEEE regulating the industry as best they can... all this means more individual and organizational contributions. It means more is required of web designers, computer technicians, and other professionals we have a market share with. We stay up to date by reading the best books, purchasing and learning how to use the latest versions of the best industry software, utilizing interactive learning tools, marketing, supporting, and teaming up with other professionals, as well as enrolling in classes online and at institutions that teach us about what we love... computers. 


Environmental Protection
We represent different ideas than you might expect to hear from a big computer company, such as environmental protection outreach. We are currently involving ourselves with the "Going Green Movement," "Waste Reduction Movement," and we also explore various parts of the world looking for other outreach programs. There are additional resources for how to help us in our mission on the Web site; please start by sending us an e-mail.

  • Recycle your electronics through Do It Right Computers!!! We collect and allow drop-off for your recyclables. The electronics that are found to be valuable will be sold and part or all of the proceeds will be used to benefit the community. The unused electronics will be properly recycled to put a damper on the amount of garbage found in landfills.
  • We can pick-up your electronics (any amount of electronics accepted! - Guaranteed!) Also for proper recycling.

Students Eat Free
We also look to partner with other companies who enjoy sponsoring students! We sponsor students because we like to help someone who has a great outlook! View our student announcements here: Sponsorship Program

Buy Local
Do you try to buy local products whenever you can? Now that we are a company that has ties to the entire country, we try to buy USA products. However, since we know that eventually Do It Right Computers will probably help someone in another part of the world, we want to support our local communities by GIVING BACK. That is why we try to volunteer to local business owners, food banks, homeless outreach, government organizations, and other philanthropy whenever we can. 

If you know any great volunteer work we can do, give us a call! We give help to anyone who needs a hand. Why? Because that is how networking begins, you help other people and they help you. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
If our work does not meet your expectations, you are not charged for the service, a simple concept that's worth mentioning. It's also a concept that leads to an ideology we believe in. In development, our business relied heavily not only on our own reputation but on the reputations of those we represent. This means that if people aren't hearing good things about us and the businesses we advertise for, design graphics for, and provide technical support for... then they will work with a business who they DO hear good things about. It is for this reason that we provide customer support, first, before any other support. Every aspect of our finished product should be seamless for customers... from the free estimate, to the first and second billing cycle, to the customer feedback, and the follow-up support that comes with every product. We work in uniforms to keep a consistent, professional image that we cultivate. Likewise, we treat every customer fairly with pricing, including adhering to laws surrounding anti-discrimination, the ADA, and the FTC. 

How it All Began
From the owner

Sitting on the second floor of my house, overlooking the ocean from my computer desk, I was trying to figure out how I would be able to manage all the potential customers I had. More than 50 calls came in virtually overnight, I couldn't believe how many people needed help with their computers and websites. I was only trying to make a little extra money to pay for college. I lived in Santa Cruz County, on Santa Cruz Avenue, in Aptos California. My clients were from Carmel, San Jose, and the rest of the Bay area and our beautiful beach town. About a year prior, I had lived on the Stanford University campus where I studied graphic design and programming. I didn't know it at the time, but it would lay a strong foundation for me to start my business with. Telling people about my time spent at Stanford seemed surreal like almost I couldn't even believe I had such a great opportunity in life. It was because of opportunities like this in my life, that it felt natural to want to treat people I worked with compassionately, help them without charging them... in fact charging people for my service didn't feel right for many years. I couldn't bring myself to make a profit off someone else's needs. Especially students and my peers... after all, I started the business to pay for college myself, to help support my own family, and to find purpose in life; my purpose was not to make a profit off of other people, it was to help people.
I threw lavish parties almost every night, people would come to my house and stay for weeks or months, we had nothing but time to cultivate our ideas. As a kid, I remember at 13 years old living in Hawaii near Honolulu for a year, and even in the summertime on the island, I would spend all my time at my computer desk. For days I wouldn't sleep because all I could think about was the computer. It was during those crucial moments growing up in my life that I look back and realize that computers were my passion. I certainly had plenty of time to think and learn with machines. Coding bits and pieces of programs here and there, taking a typing class, writing a website about the Hawaiian islands' ancient culture. Even at that young point in life, I knew computers were special to me.
When I was about 18 years old my grandfather gave me my own website business. He was the one who nurtured my computer skills all my life. His ultimate plan was to teach me computers from the time I was a boy growing up on the family farm in Missouri, where each of my family members had grown up. We did other things too, as a two-year-old I remember playing computer games on my great grandfather's lap, it is one of my fondest memories; we also caught fishes on our lake or at the local swimming holes, raised our cattle, and my great grandparents hung a climbing rope from the middle of their living room for me to swing on and jump from furniture to furniture. My grandfather ended up also giving me my own house that year when I was 18. He bought a house for me in North Carolina, 15 miles from the nearest town but less than a half an hour from Duke University. I always knew it was his greatest gift to me because it had sentimental value to him. It was a retreat from the busy city life of California which was nice at times.
When the business finally started growing as I hoped it would, I decided to move to Montana with some friends to start a new chapter in my life and in my business. The California division was healthy and profiting. The Montana expansion was feasible and I felt that if I didn't do it, I would be crazy. So I made the leap to grow my business beyond one state's borders and beyond my imagination's wildest dreams. I decided to move to one of the nicest parts of the world, the home of Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. A place I now call home and wish to always have ties to... and that is where I find myself now.