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Do you need to ask questions and talk to an expert? Do It Right Computers is the home of professional webmasters; we provide web sites that are fully customizable... from the color scheme to the advanced features you see on award-winning web sites. We deliver visitors for your site who become customers through advertising, marketing, search engine optimization, and more.
Are you a master of your trade? Been in business for many years? Then why haven't you got a website?!


What can our web designers do? 

  • Security for web sites, advanced computer security
  • E-commerce
  • Product-sourcing, including researching of going-rates, competitive pricing, premium pricing, requisition, subcontracting
  • Drop-shipping, state-of-the-art, award winning drop-shipping services
  • Exclusive affiliate program for web design clientele 
  • Statistics management, monitoring
  • Backups, backup servers, keep your datum and designs safe with our industry-leader web hosting
  • Database development and management
  • Administration of your web site, customer management, email management, or do-it-yourself 
  • Programming updates, done in-house, developer insider-access; work with the original developers of your applications and templates
  • Groupware, freeware, open-source, proprietary software and applications
  • Translation applications to make your web site available in any language, streamlined
  • Sponsorship opportunities, advertising opportunities through sponsorship
  • Testing for web site design
  • Personalized web applications for your users, user dashboards, user profiles, user statistics
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Photo/video services for your web design, including a professional photography/videography team using industry-standard software and equipment
  • Movie production
  • Music streaming to your web pages, flexible music applications
  • Forums, online communities
  • Chat rooms, video chat
  • Print-friendly
  • Ad design, pay-per-click advertising on Google®, Yahoo®, Bing®, and thousands more 
  • Private groups, private causes (petitions, surveys, political, and more)
  • Subscriptions, email lists, email marketing
  • Classifieds, regional services, newspapers, educational web sites, eBooks
  • Forms, radio buttons, check-boxes, etc
  • Get paid to own your web site with Google AdSense®, and more!

Web design, including online stores, templates, custom applications, custom cascading style sheets (CSS), content-management systems (CMS), HTML, Java, portable (responsive) web sites that make your site fully functional on any device or operating system, search engine optimization (SEO) to drive customers to your business or visitors to your web site

Graphic design, including videography and photo-editing services, 3D animation, special effects, banner ads, print layouts so you can template your prints, custom apparel or other marketing

Marketing, including services like prints, ad design, transcription, or business administration

Online presence management, social network management, online reputation management

Special requests welcome