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We specialize in ALL aspects of technical support. With over 50 years of experience working professionally with computers, Do It Right Computers will meet and exceed your Information Technology needs. Customers are encouraged to request CUSTOM installations for their networks, internet, home theater, computers, as well as other devices; our technicians provide full maintenance. Should you require multiple upgrades, repair, or entire computer labs configured, Do It Right Computers has you covered.


Our device configuration, repair, and technical services:

  • Mobile technicians, who arrive promptly and cover a wide range of regions
  • Remote service for live troubleshooting; software updates and maintenance, upgrades, internet, tune-ups, file conversions, etc
  • Install memory, new hard drives (SSD, RAID or other advanced configuration), new motherboards, new power supplies, new wiring (or crimping, soldering), CPUs, graphics cards, port/hub repair, and more
  • Training for office applications, virus prevention, and other IT skills
  • Network streamlining, homesharing, workgroups, proprietary software
  • Server technical support and management
  • Linux®, Apple/Macintosh®, Windows® client, VMWare®, Cisco IOS®, BSD®, Solaris®, Android®, iOS®, embedded systems and kiosks
  • Security hardening (prevention), intruder removal (recovery), best-practices 
  • Videography and photography services, event photography, movie making, recording, editing, using standard definition (SD), full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K), or better

Laptop/desktop parts supplier, also providing full maintenance, routine or one time, with no minimum 

Automated data backups and fault-tolerance, data recovery service

Smartphone, tablet repair - Have questions about your mobile device? Click here! 

Topographies of electronics and entertainment systems (for business or home users), security system setups, TV entertainment systems (and TV repair), business-class TV and phone networks in analog or Voice-Over-IP (VOIP)

Networking, including small to medium sized offices and consulting for large networking solutions and topography